What are the maintenance and use of dust samplers?

Issuing time:2022-01-19 14:22

With the development of industry, the hazard of dust is becoming more and more serious. People use various methods to recognize it and evaluate it. The personal sampling method of dust is a method that many foreign industrial hygienists pay attention to. As a detection tool with a wide range of applications and better effects, the dust sampler is an important tool for relevant departments to carry out dust detection, dust removal and dustproof work. Mining Electromechanical focuses on dust samplers, dust detection technology research and product development.

Equipment maintenance

During the long-term operation of the dust sampler, the operation may not be smooth due to rust of parts and equipment. The staff should regularly (half a year) inject an appropriate amount of lubricating oil into the oil pipe of the dust sampler to lubricate the scraper pump. In addition, an elastic rubber gasket should be installed in the sampling head of the dust sampler. When the hose is aged, a new hose should be replaced in time. Finally, as a kind of equipment and equipment, after a long-term operation of the dust sampler, there may be some errors, and a large amount of dust will accumulate inside. The dust sampler flowmeter is corrected to always ensure the accuracy and accuracy of the dust sampler flowmeter, so that the dust detection work is more real and effective.


Maintenance of the power supply

At present, most of the dust samplers on the market use AC power supply and DC power supply. Since the working principles and working methods of the two power sources are different, the daily maintenance of the dust sampler should also be based on the actual situation. Different maintenance methods and maintenance methods. When the dust sampler uses AC 22V power supply, the staff must be equipped with a 30-50m long waterproof gel wire reel. Wires should be checked frequently for safety. When the glue of the wire is old or cracked, it should be scrapped, and the new wire should be replaced in time to effectively avoid the possibility of failure of the dust sampler due to the aging of the pipeline. In addition, the staff should have an electroscope on hand, and prepare a few more suitable for the sampler. Once the fuse tube of the dust sampler fails, the staff can replace it in time to ensure the normal operation of the dust sampler. When the dust sampler uses DC power, such as lead-acid batteries, maintenance-free batteries, nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries, etc., the staff should ensure that the dust sampler is fully charged. At the same time, due to the small capacity of some batteries and the short charging time, the staff must always check the charging status of the batteries and cut off the charging power in time to avoid overcharging of the dust sampler batteries. In addition, the staff should put latex tubes on both ends of the battery of the dust sampler to cut off the current and prevent the battery from short-circuiting. Finally, if the dust sampler is idle for a long time, the staff should do a good job in the maintenance of the internal battery, and arrange for special personnel to charge it every month, so as to effectively avoid the occurrence of battery aging caused by the long-term shutdown of the dust sampler.

Maintenance of the sampler rack

At present, most dust samplers use a camera or a camera-specific bracket. Although this bracket is small in size and light in weight, it has limited bearing capacity and insufficient bracket strength. In the actual operation process , the dust sampler often falls, which is very likely to damage the absorption tube or internal parts of the dust sampler. Therefore, in order to effectively solve this phenomenon, the staff can use the following methods: For example, in the dust sampler bracket Add aluminum sheets or rubber gaskets to the telescopic bayonet to increase the bearing force and friction, or drill holes in the bayonet to install movable iron latches, or to avoid the collapse of the dust sampler, the staff can directly Use screws to fix the telescopic legs of the sampler bracket at the height that is often used, which can fundamentally solve the problem of the dust sampler falling down because the bracket is loose or the connection is not firm.

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