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CCHZ-1000 Automatic Dust Tester

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CCHZ-1000 automatic dust measuring instrument is designed and manufactured according to MT163-1997 "General Technical Conditions for Direct Reading Dust Concentration Measuring Instruments". It is an instrument for measuring dust concentration in ambient air. It is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises to quickly detect coal dust and Rapid detection instrument for other dusts.

The instrument adopts advanced central processing unit technology, which can process various data collected quickly, and has strong anti-interference ability, which improves the accuracy of the instrument, and can store 50 test records according to time series. The instrument consists of a Chinese display screen, a high-performance air pump, a dust concentration detection circuit, an undervoltage protection display, and a safety power supply. The instrument is equipped with a grading dust collector, which can collect the concentration of respirable dust, and its high efficiency reaches the internationally recognized "BMRC" curve standard. The instrument can use automatic sampling or timed sampling. to adapt to different detection standards. The instrument adopts Exibl (150℃) grade safety explosion-proof structure, especially suitable for use in coal mines and other workplaces containing explosive dangerous gases.

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