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AKFC-92A Mine Dust Sampler

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AKFC-92A mine dust sampler is designed and manufactured according to GB/T20964-2007 "dust sampler), it is a conventional instrument for measuring the concentration of floating dust in ambient air, suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, labor safety, labor And dust monitoring of environmental protection and other departments.

The dust sampler is composed of high-performance suction pump, automatic time control circuit, flow adjustment circuit, automatic feedback constant current circuit, undervoltage protection alarm circuit, safety power supply, etc. It is equipped with various dust pre-catchers. Among them, there are whole dust pre-catchers for measuring total dust concentration; impact pre-catchers for measuring the concentration of respirable dust. Separation, it can collect both respirable and non-respirable dust samples at one time, and its separation efficiency conforms to the internationally recognized "BMRC" curve standard. It is used in underground mines and other workplaces containing explosive dangerous gases.

The casing of the machine is made of high-strength ABS engineering plastic, and has been specially treated for moisture-proof, dust-proof, and anti-static. The instrument has the advantages of large load capacity, automatic timing sampling, safe and reliable, sturdy and durable, convenient for co-banding and on-site use, etc. Its main technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.

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