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GCG-1000 Dust Concentration Sensor

Product Details

Product Description

The GCG-1000 dust concentration sensor is designed and manufactured according to MT163-1997 "General Technical Conditions for Direct-reading Powder Main Concentration Measuring Instruments". It adopts the principle of light scattering to directly measure the total dust concentration. The sensor is fixedly installed in the workplace, the measured data is displayed on the spot, and at the same time, the frequency or RS485 (optional) that is interfaced with the mine safety detection system is output for the monitoring system to process. Its characteristics are: fast and accurate measurement, high detection sensitivity, stable performance, dust scattering proportional coefficient can be set, and the dust mass concentration can be directly displayed.

GCG-1000 type dust concentration sensor is mainly used in mines, cement plants and other dust workplaces to continuously monitor the total dust concentration in the environment.

Main Specifications