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YCCEMS-50 Continuous Monitoring System for Soot and Particulate Matter Emission

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Product Description

Industrial exhaust emissions are an important factor affecting air quality. With the rapid development of my country's economic construction and the continuous increase of urban population, the atmospheric environment, the space on which human beings lives, is deteriorating day by day, and has become the main hazard affecting our health.

Solid particles suspended in the air, especially inhalable particles, have great harm to living beings and human health. Particulate matter pollution is one of the most concerned environmental pollution problems in my country, and it has received great attention from the party, the government, and the people. Enterprises such as coal-fired power plants, cement plants, metal smelters, incineration plants, and glass manufacturing plants are the main sources of industrial smoke and dust emissions, and they are also the main targets for environmental protection departments at all levels to conduct atmospheric control. Using the continuous monitoring system of smoke and dust to monitor the emission of pollutants from the chimney of enterprises is an important step in the control of atmospheric pollution. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and the Energy Administration jointly issued the "Notice on Issues Concerning the Implementation of the Ultra-low Emissions Electricity Price Support Policy for Coal-fired Power Plants", which clarified the specific measures for the operation of electricity prices for power generation enterprises, in order to promote ultra-low emissions from coal-fired power plants. The transformation to promote the clean and efficient utilization of coal has increased the power.

The YC CEMS-50 smoke and dust emission continuous monitoring system jointly launched by Jiangsu Xiaofeng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Changshu Mining Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech product that we have successfully developed after years of hard work and overcoming difficulties. The product successfully solves the technical problem of continuous monitoring of smoke and dust emissions under complex working conditions such as high humidity, high temperature, high flow rate and low concentration. Its technical performance indicators have reached the domestic advanced level, and some indicators exceed the performance of similar foreign products. This product runs stably, and the monitoring data is authentic and credible, and has been recognized by authoritative departments and users.

Working Principle

Advanced dehumidification technology

The system continuously extracts the flue gas sample gas from the flue through the isokinetic sampling device, and a part of the sample gas enters the particulate matter monitoring unit after passing through the dynamic dehumidification system. The use of this technology can effectively overcome the influence of water droplets or high humidity on the measurement caused by wet dust removal, and greatly expand the measurement range of the system, so that the high-precision, low-range measurement unit can be used for high-concentration flue detection. possible, while improving the detection accuracy.


59.jpgEnvironmental Protection Cloud Service Platform

Xiaofeng environmental protection cloud service platform is a large-scale, comprehensive field monitoring and management information system based on GIS. The platform not only has the functions of real-time online monitoring of smoke and dust pollution sources, intelligent analysis and early warning, and real-time SMS alarm, but also has the functions of supervision and management to support the supervision process, involving automatic perception, ubiquitous communication, mobile internet, big data statistical analysis and GIS, etc. The technology, the system structure of the cloud platform and the GIS-based supervision system are shown in the following figure:


◎High sensitivity (0.001mg/m3) and high reliability, accurate monitoring of particle concentration in wet flue gas;

◎All system key units have automatic control and performance testing functions, as well as automatic failure alarm functions (gasification chamber, light scattering unit and sampling unit);

◎Powerful user interface, built-in data log and data logging;

◎Built-in self-diagnosis system;

◎Modular design, easy to install;

◎Easy maintenance: In order to improve the convenience of system maintenance, two modes of automatic cleaning and manual cleaning are designed in the control system, which is convenient for routine automatic maintenance of pipelines. The filter is equipped with a failure indicator that prompts for replacement. The service center can provide users with personnel training and paid maintenance services.

Applicable Venue

YC CEMS-50 smoke and dust emission continuous monitoring system can be used not only for high-concentration dry flue monitoring, but also for dust concentration measurement after wet desulfurization and wet dedusting in coal-fired power plants. Widely used in on-line monitoring of smoke and dust emissions of industrial enterprises in cement, thermal power, steel, metallurgy, oil refining, aluminum, petrochemical, paper, glass and other industries.

◎The flue after wet dust removal or wet desulfurization system

◎Particles in cold flue below dew point or wet flue with water droplets

◎Coal-fired power plants or incineration plants using wet electrostatic precipitators (WESP)

◎Corrosive flue gas monitoring pulp and paper recovery boiler after wet desulfurization unit

◎Metallurgical and chemical process with wet dust collector

◎The system can also be configured with multiple types of gas sensors to expand the function of measuring gaseous pollutants (such as SO2, CO, NOX) in the flue to minimize user costs.

Main Specifications


Product Quality Assurance

In order to ensure the accuracy of the collected data, after years of research and experiments, we have developed a set of high and low dust concentration dust meter verification devices, which are used for the company's dust concentration sensor factory product quality verification. At the same time, the device can also be used for testing of new product development and verification of technical parameters, laying a solid technical foundation for the introduction of high-quality dust measuring instruments.

Using the Wright system as the dust-generating device, a conical-to-cylindrical diffusion system was designed, and the filter membrane weighing method was used as the traceability method to establish a low-concentration dust verification device. The experimental results show that the verification device has the advantages of long continuous working time, fast response time, good uniformity and stability, and can realize on-line non-destructive testing of dust meter. The measurement and detection work of low-concentration dust meter and smoke tester fills the blank of no formed low-concentration dust meter verification device at home and abroad.